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Student Success Stories - Class of 2021

Student Interviews: Real Students, Real Success

Season 5 Episodes 90 - 120

Watch Students Reveal Where They're Headed to College

Dr. C’s Top Picks: 

#120 Julianna - Competitive Dancer. Math Tutor. Food Science Nerd.

#97 Diego - First Generation Teen Finds His Way To Dream College

#115 Jalynn - Children’s Book Author. Girl Scout Gold Award Winner.

#31 Curtis - Harvard. Yale. Howard. Florida A & M. Decision Time for Curtis.

#91 Amar - Recruited Athlete Pivots After Receiving An Unexpected Deny

#112 Ashley - Neuroscientist. Soccer Player. Literacy Advocate. $1.3M Scholarship Winner

#93 Emilie - Harvard, UCLA or West Point?

#108 Alexandra - Competitive Dancer Loves Latin and Llamas

#121 Cosette - Community College Opera Singer & Animator Lands A Spot At Dream College

#110 Osose - Princeton, Brown or UCLA? Catholic School Star Chooses Today?

#92 Grace D. - Over 15 Applications. Over 600K Scholarship Dollars.

#96 Charlie - From Catholic High School To The Ultimate Catholic College

#107 Ethan L. - Gymnast Turned Diver Now Recruited Athlete!

#113 Alexia - She Grew The Nursing Club By 500%!

#100 Miles - Mid West or Beach City?

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