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Princeton, Brown or UCLA? Catholic School Star Chooses Today!

Season 5, Episode #110

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Princeton, Brown or UCLA? Catholic School Star Chooses Today!

Today we meet Osose, a debating volleyball player who actually plans to study biochemistry in college.

How did you come up with your list? I love CA, so I originally focused on the UCs but also wanted to see what might happen with the Ivies

What did you do right?  Getting involved as much as possible, taking as many APs as possible, managing my time – starting the college application process EARLY

Coolness factors? 4 years of debate, thinking I would go into Law, I’ve played club and team volleyball all 4 years as well, tutors middle school art club and started a little jewelry business -. I’d always dabbled with crafty things but I had time to really get into making jewelry and selling it during the Covid lockdown 

Any regrets?  The only regret I have is starting this process with a TOP choice, having my heart attached too tightly to one college. However, I realize that not getting into my dream school opened my eyes up to other opportunities I would never have thought of and I’m really glad I did!


Meet Osose

From: California

High School: Notre Dame High School

Admitted to: UCLA, Princeton, Brown

Coolness Factor: Has Jewelry Business

Major: Biochemistry

Merit Dollars Earned: $256K


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