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When it comes to college applications, your ONLY job is to MAXIMIZE your choices!

Get Inspired by the Heartfelt Testimonies of Our Alumni Campers - A True Testimony to the Power of Essaycamp!

“Always an achiever, Will struggled with promoting himself in college essays. Dr C’s writing methodology gave Will the tools he needed to identify his strengths and accomplishments, then present them through stories that were uniquely his own. Rather than dreading the essay writing process, he became excited to see the progress made on each revision as his essays went from good to “Wow!” Whether your student has their sights set on an elite level school or is simply struggling with how to best present themselves in a college application, College Essay Bootcamp is the answer. Best decision ever!!”

Leanne H., Parent Class of 2020

Huntington Beach, CA 

Will, UCLA, Class of 2024 


“Dr. Colón truly believed in my college dreams. Through Dream College Academy, College Essay Bootcamp and private coaching with Dr. C, I learned to craft my activities, academic endeavors, curiosities, and passions into a cohesive narrative and persuasively articulated my vision of my future to each college. Dr. Colón provided admission secrets, essay writing tips, and gems for resumé building that I would not have received without her. ”

Janah R. Class of 2022

Chicago, IL

Princeton, Class of 2026

“It was overwhelming to have two sons navigate the college admission process, one as a transfer student and the other as a senior. Dr. Colón process focused on finding their superpower and then writing about it with intention and gave them a roadmap to getting the essays done!  In just 5 days, they took ownership of their application journey and felt empowered. I noticed that as the week went on and more essays were written the dread turned into accomplishment.  I am grateful to have had Dr. Colón as a support for my boys.”

Veronica R., Parent Class of 2020 and 2022

USC Marshall School of Business - Roman 2024

USC Marshall School of Business - Julio 2026 - Half Moon Bay CA

“Dr. C’s bootcamp was a life-saver. I knew I was a motivated student but writing was never my forte, and I definitely needed some guidance. After five days with the awesome team, I left the camp with SEVEN essays and felt more confident in knowing how to write for college applications. Throughout her process I learned so much about myself and how to express that through my applications, as well. Everything I learned in this camp helped me get to where I am now!”

Jules C., Class of 2021

Mt. Kisco, NY

Cornell University, Class of 2025

“Hi Dr. C - with your help my older daughter, Madeline, was accepted to Tulane and my younger son, Liam, was accepted into the University of Virginia! THANK YOU so much! I continue to recommend you here in Northern Virginia.”

Eugene S., Parent, Class of 2021 & 2023

Northern Virginia

Madeline, Tulane, Class of 2025

Liam, UVA, Class of 2027


When I worked in admissions at Vassar College, I spent 10 - 12 minutes reading an application cover to cover. During committee I had one minute to present and make a case for each applicant. After being peppered with questions, the committee voted with a red, yellow, or green index card. The end. 


Who made the "Yes" pile? The applicants who were interesting, engaging, and compelling.


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You only get one chance to get it right. Let’s get it done.


  • IF your teen is applying to at least 1 University of California institution and multiple colleges using the Common Application, you will need a minimum of 5 essays. College Essay Bootcamp is a must!

  • IF your teen is planning to apply to multiple Top 100 colleges, you will easily submit more than 15 essays AND need to leverage every section of the application. College Essay Bootcamp was made for you!

  • IF your teen is serious about applying to two or more of the most selective colleges in the country (and the world), and is ready to put in the work to maximize her/his chances, This is a no-brainer. Do not pass go, sign up today!


  • College Essay Bootcamp: The Essay Camp Every Senior Needs (9am - 3pm PST)

     - June 12 - 16 

     - June 26 - 30 (LIVE at Bishop Amat Memorial High School)

     - July 31 - August 4

     - August 28 - September 1

  •  Personal Essay Coach.

  •  No Homework. All writing done in class.


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Dream College Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step college guidance AND implementation program created for college-bound teens who are committed to becoming dreamers, doers, leaders, and achievers.

The community of high-achieving teens is made up of students from all backgrounds who want to take action, gain knowledge, and take control of their future. We surround our teens with high levels of support, encouragement, and inspiration to keep pushing and chasing their dreams.

Here’s the thing,

By the end of Day 14, you will have received the first two modules.

This means your teen will have had the opportunity to review admissions data of dream colleges, learn the behind-the-scenes truths about the college admission committee process, calculate their GPA with the dream colleges formula, and complete a 4-year comprehensive academic curriculum plan before making a final commitment.

If your teen doesn’t feel totally confident and motivated to actively pursue their dreams, with the support and resources necessary (and ability to put those tools into action), simply reach out, show us s/he did the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Dr. Colón is full of knowledge, passion, energy, and heart. She genuinely cares for her students and helps them to explore their uniqueness and guides them to bring their stories to life. My oldest daughter came out of Essay BootCamp with countless essays, which she used for over 30 supplements. Soon after, we signed up her younger sister and the results were just as impressive. My girls are very different; nonetheless, they both gained insights to the essay and the application process. As a result, both of my girls were accepted into their top colleges with exceptional merit scholarships!!”

Denise B., Parent, Class of 2021 & 2023

Brooklyn, NY

Alexandra, College of the Holy Cross, Class of 2025