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Where teens, parents, and school leaders come to gain clarity and simplify the college admissions process.

College Admission Services with Dr. Cynthia Colón

Parents: Start With The Parent Academy.

Navigating college admissions, a system you know little or nothing about, will inevitably cause stress and tension in your home. We can help provide college admissions guidance.

Make sure your teen feels loved and supported as you both walk this journey together.

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Teens: Craft A Specific Plan Of Action For Your Dream College Application

Nearly any high school senior can submit an application to their Dream College, very few understand that it takes months, and I dare say years, to build, implement, and produce a COMPELLING application. We can show you how to get into your dream college, and provide college application and admission services.

The activities you choose, the service you do for others, and the life experiences you face through high school all become part of your application. Don't go through high school hoping you have done enough. Make sure you get the guidance you need for your college application.

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Teens: You Only Have 1 First Impression - Put Your Best Foot Forward!

You only have 600-1600 words and approximately 60 seconds to capture your reader and reveal who you are to the admissions committee. Getting into college often requires the right college application essay.

But you can get ahead of the game and build confidence through the expert guidance of our college application essay services. We can help you avoid the pitfalls most seniors make. The path to success is paved for you.

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One-on-One College Application Services

Are You Looking For An Elite Performance Coach For Your Teen? Work 1:1 With Dr. C.

One of your biggest jobs as a parent is to maximize your teen’s college choices. Period. When you have a teen who has big dreams and is doing everything “right,” the last thing you want to do is get this wrong. Your child deserves the best college counseling services.

Most parents cannot walk the fine line of being the loving parent and the college counselor that can both motivate and hold them accountable. If you are looking for a coach to give your teen a personalized college admission action plan and make dreams come true, well my friend, that would make you the hero! Space is limited. Book a consultation today - your first step in the right direction!

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This Interactive College Counseling Curriculum & Series Of Presentations Was Designed For Parents, Teens, & School & District Leaders For THREE Reasons:

Most Parents do not have the information they need early enough to properly partner with the school and help their teen get into college. Our college admissions guidance programs give parents the tips and tools they crave in order to become better parents and school partners early in the process.

Even the best-intentioned Teen goes through High School thinking they are doing all the right things, but without a specific plan of action. Our curriculum gives college-bound teens the lessons they need to create a personalized plan and a strategy to get into college and achieve their individual goals.

School Leaders everywhere want what every parent wants: Happy Students. As a former school principal and college counselor, I was frustrated when I could not give every single child the individualized attention they deserve. I offer college application and admission services. I offer services to supplement and add value to what you already offer at your school/school district.

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Wondering Which Path Is Right For Your Student? Schedule A FREE Call With Dr. Cynthia to Learn More About Our College Admission Services.

The only goal of the college application preparation process is to maximize the college choices for your teen. Your child only has one opportunity to get this right ang get into the college of their (and your) choice. There are no do-overs in the college admission process. Let’s chat and find the right path for your child. Become the hero of your child’s dreams.

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