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Season 1 Episode 1 Original AirDate August 22, 2018

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#1 Lydia Franco: My Mom: The ONE Word Every Parent Should Remove

The Word Every Parent Should Remove

Be a good listener. I hear parents pass this advice along generation after generation. But my question is, “Whose voice are we listening to?” The messages we hear become the messages we believe. And the beliefs children internalize shape who they are and who they become. If you want your child to truly believe she/he can achieve anything, there is ONE WORD all parents must remove from their vocabulary.

After a recent conversation with my own mother, I learned of her decision to change this one word in our home. That one word changed the trajectory of my life and I’ve invited my mom to share this practice with you.

Lydia Franco is one of twelve siblings and as a child she shared one bedroom with her sisters. The cramped space and constant traffic of people made her dream of a way out. When she was admitted to college, she was shocked by the reaction of her mother and regretfully altered her plans. Long before her own daughter was at the doorstep of college, Lydia Franco had already carved a path for a different choice for her first born.

Every success story begins with a childhood. Listen to how the voices in Lydia Franco’s childhood made her determined to give her own children a new beginning.

Every success story begins with a childhood. Hear the one word that changed her first born's destination to YOUniversity.



  • 10 minutes: What was it like growing up in Compton, CA as an immigrant from Mexico?
  • 21 minutes: How Lydia Franco got the idea to go to college.
  • 26 minutes: What her mother said once she was actually admitted to college.
  • 29 minutes: The ONE word you need to remove as a parent.
  • 32 minutes: Mom finally goes to college at the age of 58. What happens when she turns in her first assignment. 
  • 41 minutes: Who is Mr. Vargas and how he helped us navigate college admissions.
  • 49 minutes: 5 Best Tips form Dr. C and Mom! 
  • Lydia M. Franco earned her doctorate and is a tenured professor at “Can-Do YOUniversity”
  • Her Resume: Daughter. Immigrant. Sister. Mother. Wife. Banker. Beach Lover. Single Mom. Hair Dresser. Ice Cream Connoisseur. Entrepreneur. Chef. Honor student. Grandmother. Artist. Dreamer. Believer.

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