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Community College Opera Singer & Animator Lands A Spot At Dream College

Season 5, Episode #121

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Community College Opera Singer & Animator Lands A Spot At Dream College

Welcome to one of our most special episodes!  Today we meet Cosette, our only transfer student.  Cosette is a trained opera singer who tried and tried to get into her dream schools and finally did!  Take the time to listen to her very real and amazing story of her long and complicated journey to college.

How did you make your list?  This is my third time applying most of these schools. I applied in high school, and didn’t get in. This time, I applied as an animator. In high school, I applied in a different area of the arts.

What did you do right? I am very pigheadded. Getting rejected from every school I applied to made me want it even more. My ambition went through the roof!  I decided I had to make myself worthy of being accepted.  Once I found Dream College Academy, I got the tools I needed to really turn it around.

What is your coolness factor? During Covid, I taught myself how to animate in order to make my own animation of Aladdin.  I traced 174 slides for a 12 second video. This experience was the reason I decided to study animation in college.

What would you do differently? If I could do it ALL over again, I’d tell that little girl in high school to get my stuff together. I didn’t ask for help, I didn’t take any of it seriously, I didn’t realize how important college was.


Meet Cosette

From: Maryland

High School: Communit College

Admitted to: CSU Fullerton, UCSB, Champman, UC Berkeley

Coolness Factor: Opera Singer, Animator, Actress

Major: Animation and Media Studies

Merit Dollars Earned: $56K


Alumna of Dream College Academy


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