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Competitive Dancer. Math Tutor. Food Science Nerd.

Season 5, Episode #120

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Competitive Dancer. Math Tutor. Food Science Nerd.

Today we meet Julianna, who is a competitive dancer, math tutor, pep band member, and, perhaps most importantly, a food science nerd!!

How did you make your list? I applied to a super wide variety of colleges, all over the east coast.  Location was important to me. Also, I want to go into health science and work with kids!! I looked for colleges in New York and nearby and as for a major, I looked into biology, health science and nutritional science.

 What did you do right? Honestly the college essay camp helped me more than anything. Writing isn’t my strong suit, so it made a huge difference for me!

What is your coolness factor? I’ve been a competitive dancer since I can remember. Juianna’s college essay topics included a dance injury, nerding out about food science, the chemistry of baking, and not knowing how to ride a bike. 

Any regrets? Again, I would have done the college essay camp sooner because I had way more supplemental college essays to write than I thought!


Meet Julianna

From: New York

High School: Fox Lane High School

Admitted to: Cornell University, Wake Forest, McGill, Lehigh, Bucknell, SUNY Binghamton

Coolness Factor: Competitive Dancer

Major: Nutritional Science

Merit Dollars Earned: $286K


Alumna of College Essay Bootcamp

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