If you’re looking for the answers and the expert college guidance you need to help your child easily and confidently apply to their DREAM COLLEGES, you have come to the right place!

The Complete Guide to Securing Your Happy Future

If you are like most parents we work with, you are smart and successful and your child dreams of getting admitted to top 100 or top 25 colleges! You want to help, but you're not sure how and/or if this dream is possible.  Help is HERE and The Dream Is Possible!

It was my immigrant mother who had the courage to get the help necessary to get me to MY dream college. Because of her, I am an alumna of USC, Columbia, and UCLA.   

We've worked with thousands of public and Catholic school families to give them the early advice and guidance necessary to confidently and successfully access top colleges across the country.

“My daughter had all of the pieces to the puzzle, but we definitely needed help putting this jigsaw together. Dream College Academy (DCA) is where Janah discovered and learned to cultivate her passion project. The essay formula gave her the strategies to bring her ideas to light. I’m glad that I took this leap of faith to help make Janah’s college dreams come true.”
Cyntria R., Parent, Class of 2022 , Chicago, IL
Janah, Princeton University, Class of 2026

DCA: The Jump Start You Need To Reduce Family Stress And Increase College Success! You will:

Academics: Learn How The Transcript Will Compares To Other Applicants And Create An Academic Plan To Maximize Competitiveness.

Most parents don’t realize that each is competing for a spot at their dream college against their peers from their own high school. Expert knowledge and key strategies will increase a success rate when applying to top 100 and top 25 colleges.

Co-Curriculars/ Resume: Discover How To Utilize Natural Interests To Leverage The Resume and Create A Strategic Leadership Plan.

There is a difference between involvement and impact leadership. Most students are doing the same five activities that everyone else is. In DCA, students discover their "Coolness Factor" and use that to create a leadership plan that goes beyond school leadership.

Majors/College List: Uncover a Variety Majors That Lead To A Robust College List That Ensures Multiple Choice Colleges.

Before creating a list of colleges, students must be clear on their academic strengths and choose a major accordingly. With guidance, students will leave feeling confidence about their choice of major and college list.

Letters of Recommendation: Choose Teachers That Align With Strengths And Academic Goals. Make The Ask With Equal Confidence And Humility.

Letters of recommendation are a key component in the application. Students are guided on who to ask, how to ask, when to ask, and how to ensure that letter is as glowing as possible. 

Take Action and Win! Design A Complete Plan of Action For Next Steps.

Make a plan, work the plan, and the plan will work. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so students need a plan of action to stay on course. No worries. We got you.

“I started searching online fall of junior year and I was lucky to find  Dream College Academy.  As my two sons learned the ins and outs during DCA, I kept thinking, we should have done DCA the second half of freshmen year!   If you are wanting more information than what your school guidance department provides, I implore you to learn through Dream College Academy when your children are in grade 9 or 10.”
Sarah P, Parent of twins Class of 2022, Brewster New York public schools
Sean, UVA, Class of 2026
John, NC State, Class of 2026

Dream College Academy:

 If your family wants early access to key information, powerful tools and templates, and actionable To-Dos, DCA is for YOU! BONUS: A Parent Login is included, so the entire family can journey together!

3-Day Live Workshops 9am - 12pm PST 

  • Day 1: Academics & Teacher Recs
  • Day 2: Resume & Coolness Projects
  • Day 3: Majors & College List
  • Last Hour: College Representatives & Featured Guests
  • March 25-28 (Virtual Only)
  • April 2-4 (Virtual Only)
  • April 9-11 (Lynwood Unified School District)
  • July 16 -18 (Virtual Only)


"The college admissions process was a daunting task until we were introduced to Dr. Cynthia Colon.  My daughter participated in Dr. Colon’s Dream College Academy and she also spent a week in the summer at College Essay Bootcamp.  I can’t tell you how many times my daughter thanked me for encouraging her to get her essays done before the intense college admissions process in the fall of senior year."
Karen Haney, Parent, Class of 2022 , Costa Mesa, CA
Lauren, U Wisconsin Business School, Class of 2026

Junior Varsity: Self Study Package


The Motivated Student Who Wants Direction, but says, "I got this!"

  • Academic Plan: Transcripts, Grades, Test Scores
  • Leadership Plan: School Involvement, Leadership & Coolness Project
  • Majors and College List to Maximize Success
  • Teacher Letters of Recommendation: Who, What, When, How
  • Exercises, Templates, and Actionable To-Dos
  • Additional Parent Login
  • 1 Year Access (can upgrade anytime)
  • BONUS: Parent Academy Workbook

Varsity Level: Live Workshops


For The Motivated Student Who Asks, "Am I doing this right?"

  • Everything in JV Package Plus Access To:
  • Live Student Workshops
  • Student & Parent Invitations to Featured Guests and Admission Representatives
  • Monthly Q & A w/ Dr. C
  • Lifetime Member
“Our son began working with Dr. C in sophomore year. She saw Miles’ potential and helped him leverage his strengths. He attended Dream College Academy, where he learned about the application process and College Essay Bootcamp to draft the multitude of essays he needed for college and scholarship applications. We are forever grateful to Dr. C for her expertis and positive outlook during the complicated college admission process.”
Roxanne, Parent of Class of 2021 , Claremont, CA
Miles, University of Michigan, Class of 2025