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In 7 Simple Steps Your Motivated Teen will go from Disorganized to Focused & Stay Miles Ahead of Their Peers so You can Stop Worrying About What They Need to do and How They'll #GetItDone!

You Probably Already Know

If you are a parent of a high achieving teen looking to give your child every opportunity while supporting their college dreams, then you probably already know that 90% of the college application happens before senior year.

You've been ready for this big event for years, so I'll spare you the details.

I'm sure you realize how many hours your kid needs to invest in a quality, stand-out application (I mean, it's literally a part-time job). And your friends, colleagues, and neighbors have likely told you how the process is way more competitive than when you and I applied to college (I'm not trying to reveal my age, but it's been a minute since I applied to college).

What You Might Not Know

Even if your teen is lucky enough to earn the highest grades and test score they aren't guaranteed anything!

What if You Could... 

Significantly Increase Your Teen’s Chance of Admission to Dream Colleges.

At the end of the day, the question is not will your teen go to college, but where? Who will he sit with, dream with, eat with? Who will hear her and inspire her to change the world? #Dreamers

Instantly Boost Their Confidence and Yours too!

Imagine not having to ask if they’re doing all the right steps. Imagine surrounding your teen with the village of supporters she or he needs to keep going even when the going gets tough. #Doer

Generate More Honors & Awards, Making You the Constant Proud Parent!

The very decision to dream big empowers teens to take action and strive for more opportunities and work towards better outcomes. #Leader #Achiever

Earn a Coveted Spot that Changes the Trajectory of Their Life.

“YOU’RE IN” are words that your entire family will NEVER forget. The flood of joy, pride, and relief, will result in happy tears that you’ll be talking about forever. #AllTheFeels

Make YOU the “Parent Of The Year.”

Your teen will be thanking you so much you won’t know what hit you.

Even though applying to college may seem like a no-brainer...

The Process is Anything But!

Perhaps your teen has been racking up leadership roles, hundreds of community service hours, attended summer programs, scored a cool internship, or is writing their first novel.

Or maybe your child has been dancing or singing, playing soccer or baseball, or coding and tinkering since the age of 5. Your kiddo may have competed at the state or national level.

But many of the best, brightest, and most talented don’t get a spot. Most teenagers don’t give the application the respect and reverence it deserves and later wonder why their application did not stand out among thousands (tens of thousands).

Here's What Happens when You Don't Prepare for the Application Process

Parents and teens alike underestimate just how many hours it will take to put together a quality application. They wait until they have time to work on it. And what happens? Procrastination. Family. Activities. Studying for The SAT. Being a Senior. Time? What time? Exactly.

With every week that goes by, YOU become nervous. Your worry takes over and you begin nagging, even begging them to get started, “Have you created your login, do you know what you’re going to write about, did you apply for that scholarship?”

Your stress leads to tension in the house and leaves everyone waiting for this application to get done. The pressure and overwhelm become paralyzing to your teen, and they don’t even realize it. Avoidance sets in and nothing gets done.

Here's Why This is Crippling

There are no do overs in this process. You've got one chance to get this right. While it all seems so obvious, the unbelievably long list of to-dos seems insurmountable when you don’t know exactly where or how to begin.

Waiting until one week, or maybe three weeks before the deadline and then spending hours just trying to brainstorm and draft ONE essay (with many more to go) is a recipe for disaster. Distraction quickly sets in and confidence goes out the window.

And just as you are so close to the finish line, your student throws her hands in the air and says, “If it is meant to be it will be,” leaving their dream college to chance.

Wait, What? No, not you. Not your Teen.
You are resourceful and determined to ensure your child has every opportunity possible to get the guidance and encouragement they need to get across the finish line.

Very few college bound teens are lucky enough to have any guidance outside of their school counselor. Thousands of high achieving teens have a unique essay to write, but most will never discover it. Which means, your teen has the golden opportunity to leverage her strengths, highlight his gifts, and find a way to share it in a quality application and not leave that dream college up for chance.

#1 Underestimating The Long Game

(or worse, treating this like a short term goal)

90% of the college application happens BEFORE senior year begins. Yep. You read correctly.

Your child will graduate with eight semesters worth of grades, but apply to college having only completed six. The involvement, leadership, summer activities, honors and awards listed will all have happened before August of senior year. Even the selection of Class Presidents, Captain, and Editor In Chief have been selected in junior year.

The life events your child will write about in their college essays are wrapped up before they even begin senior year.

by the time your teen reaches senior year all that's left is testing and actually completing the applications.

Unlike most teens your child has a dream and he knows exactly what it is!

Time to respect this process for what it is - Your Teen’s Future - and approach it accordingly.

#2 Focusing Only on Academic Qualities and not Personal Qualities
(or worse, focusing only on personal qualities)

The academic qualities - grades, test scores, and rigor of curriculum are the necessary requirement to get your foot in the door. The “numbers” will determine which colleges your teen has earned the right to apply to.

The truth is: Every applicant in that over-achieving pool of students, has the same academic qualities - top grades and test scores, with 10 AP or IB courses. Your application is sure to be read, but this alone will NOT earn a coveted spot.

The personal qualities - the activities, leadership, passions, career interests, and personal story - will ultimately make an applicant stand out. 

For those dreaming of the top tier colleges like “H-Y-P-S” and many others, your teen must understand the difference between Involvement and Impact Leadership. Impact leaders go above and beyond, leaving a community better than they found it. When an applicant can openly and honestly reflect on his or her impact and discuss it, that is amazing. I call this the “Coolness Factor.” Finding it will take time.

#3 Treating The College Essay Like An English Assignment

The College Essay is not a 5-paragraph essay, a test of vocabulary, a novel of your whole life, and it's definitely not a regurgitation of all of your accomplishments. The college essay should reveal something about the applicant that can't be found anywhere else in the stack of applications.

WHAT you do becomes your resume. WHY you do it becomes your essay.

It's not difficult to come up with a topic to write about - you're a high-achiever with long list of accomplishments!
Whatever your topic, do you know what will you say, how will you share it and why it's important?

A good essay will take 2-4 drafts. A great one will take 4-8 drafts.

#4 Believing Their Stellar Record Will Prevail

With a nearly perfect transcript, resume, and career plan, your teen IS A ROCKSTAR. By senior year, they’ve won every accolade and earned coveted spots as Student Body President, Team Captain, Retreat Leader, Editor, or Lead Role on stage. Why would this be any different?

The truth is this: college admissions is NOT an even playing field. Your teen is competing with students from across the country.

This is the Big League. With over 30 thousand public and private high schools, there are at least that many valedictorians, student body presidents, and over achievers. HELLO!

It takes confidence to dream big, but it takes courage for high achieving teens to ask for help. YOUR role is to intervene while you can, the rest will fall into place.

While the number of applications to top-tier, prestigious institutions grows each year...

The Number of Available Spots Does Not!

Few students will receive that coveted, “You’re In”

While most others are left wondering, “What went wrong?”

And the main reason for this is while nearly any high school senior can submit an application to their Dream College, very few understand that it takes months, and I dare say years, to build, implement, and produce a COMPELLING application.

But - as long as your teen gets ahead of the game, builds confidence through expert guidance, and avoids the pitfalls most seniors make, the path to success is paved for him/her.

One that ultimately leads to a bright and happy future.

The key is in building an application so compelling that the Admission Officer reading it says, “YES! We want this kid!”

And, with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to create.

So if you and your teen are committed to not just dreaming the impossible, but finding a  way to make it happen, here’s how we will get you there…

The Complete Guide to Securing Your Happy Future

After coaching many, many successful students admitted to top-tier, prestigious colleges across the country and earnings of over 5.2 Million in scholarships I created Dream College Academy. DCA is the complete road map of how to plan, execute, and submit the perfect WOW application that leads to your happy future.

Dream College Academy isn’t so much about WHAT to do, it’s about showing you HOW to #GetItDone.

Yes, your teen will learn all the best tips, strategies, and behind-the-scenes truths. But, more importantly, with my step by step guidance and minute to minute schedule, your teen completes another task within each lesson, leaving them confident that the time put in now gives her/him an extra advantage among their peers.

The End Result: A highly-knowledgeable, highly-confident, and highly-motivated teen with the ONE Must-Have-Tool necessary for success: A Customized Academic, Personal, and Leadership Action Plan.

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Dream College Academy is the First Course of its Kind to:

Map out Short-Term Wins that Achieve Long-Term Goals

Who doesn’t love a good checklist to feel like a winner? Keeping a teen motivated takes cheering, encouragement, and celebrating every small victory. This course leaves teens feeling like Rockstars (even more than they already are) each time they check off another task!

Focus Equally on Academic Qualities & Personal Qualities

The Academic Qualities - Grades, test scores, and honors and AP/ IB are only half the application (that everyone else has). The academic qualities get your foot in the door, but it’s the Personal Qualities that get you admitted.

Generate Solid Essay Topics & Drafts

Thousands of high achieving teens have a unique college essay, but never discover it. That’s not an option here. Essays are my jam. #IGotYou

Transform High-Achieving Teens into Compelling Adults

This is a journey where each teen is challenged to reflect, hone, and shape the best version of who they are and who they aspire to be. The destination is not college, the destination is YOU.

"Thank you for all you have taught my son these past several days. He came away with such knowledge and a clear understanding of the admissions process. It has eased his anxiety and given him a huge starting point. It’s been invaluable. You have taught and motivated him in ways I never could, and for that I am grateful.”
Diana, Parent Class of 2021

Dream College Academy Runs from
January 18th to March 15th

New lessons will be released every Monday 9am PST followed by a Live Q&A with Dr. Cynthia Colon every Thursday at 4pm PST.

Do You Know Your Stats?

Set Academic Goals: Where You are Now & Where You Want to be

The first screening begins with your numbers. In baseball we call this your stats. In college admissions we call this your Academic Qualities. Grades, Test Scores, and the Rigor of Your Curriculum are the academic qualities submitted to your dream colleges. However, there are two more sets of STATS you must know; the stats of your peers in your high school and the stats of those who have been admitted to said dream colleges. 

Without all THREE sets of data, it’s like suiting up to win the game without having studied the opponent. Gathering the numbers is critical in visualizing which of your own numbers will need improvement in order to win the game.

  • How elite colleges calculate the high school GPA. Gather your High School transcript and calculate your own.
  • Investigate your High School Profile. This document is sent to colleges with your transcript. Learn why this is used in college admissions and how it can impact you. 
  • Complete your personal AQ inventory.
  • Create your dream 4-year academic curriculum game plan
  • Review college admission stats of Top Tier Dream Colleges. A print out of stats from sample dream colleges that admit under 35%, under 25%, and under 15% of all applicants.

Can You Play the Game?

Mock Admissions Committee: How Dream Colleges Craft a Freshman Class

In order to become the best in the game, you must first become a student of the game. For one day, you are hired as a member of the Dream College Admission Committee. Go behind-the-scenes and see what the college admission officers see and read. Learn exactly how colleges craft a freshman class.

Teens are much more objective when reading and analyzing someone else’s application. Minutes after their analysis of “faux” applicants, they begin thinking of their own application. Maybe they have top academic qualities but not great leadership. Or perhaps they excel on the court or on stage or have state or national titles, but are now nervous about what teachers might write in their letters of recommendation.

Without completing an objective analysis, one cannot be honest about their own diagnosis. And without a proper diagnosis, confusion of what to do and how to win the game sets in.

  • Behind-The-Scenes Truths of college admissions: How applicants are reviewed and voted on.
  • Read three complete sample applications. Including full essays, teacher letters of recommendations, counselor recommendations, and interview and coaches notes.
  • Analysis of the strengths and concerns of each applicant as it pertains to the priorities of “Red Brick University.”
  • Mental diagnosis of your own strengths and areas of improvement.
  • This is the moment when all the advice from parents, mentors, and coaches finally clicks. The ultimate “AHA” moment!

Are You Cool Enough for School?

Find Your Coolness Factor!

By module three, students now understand that while the academic qualities get their foot in the door, everyone else in that same pool of applicants has the same academic qualities. Therefore, it is the Personal Qualities, personal qualities, that ultimately earn the coveted spot. What are personal qualities? The personal qualities are the applicant’s involvement, leadership, passions, and career aspirations.

There are plenty of examples of what good leadership looks like, right? President, Captain, Editor-In-Chief, State or National Champion. But how does an applicant stand out if s/he does not fall into one of these categories? By finding their “Coolness” factor and then plan, create, and execute something super cool. Don’t worry, I have plenty of examples to share.

Every high-achieving teen has a “coolness” factor, but most will never identify it much less use it to strengthen a dream college application. Sometimes it’s obvious and many times it is not, but without taking the time to make the connection of not just what you do, but why you do it, one will never know how to leverage that special gift and develop your “Coolness” factor.

  • Completion and analysis of your personal personal qualities inventory.
  • 7 strategies to beef up your resume. What kinds of involvement and leadership to look for and how to find it.
  • Draw connections between academic qualities and personal qualities inventory for initial brainstorm of “Coolness” factor.
  • Explore examples of “Coolness” factor projects.

Finding the Perfect College is Like Dating?

Build Your Dream List of Colleges

The average acceptance rate across the country is nearly 65%, that’s the good news. But for high achieving teens looking to access the most prestigious institutions will need a bullet-proof list. While we can all rattle off the names of 20 elite colleges, there are actually 100+ colleges that admit fewer than 35% of their applicant pool.

The three tiers of top colleges include those that admit fewer than 35%, 25%, and 15%. Gaining admission to any one of these colleges would be a dream and earn some serious street cred.

With that said, it is not enough to make a list of the pretty, perfect, and prestigious colleges in the land. No my friend, applicants must become intimately familiar with each college on their list and be sure to align his/her values and interests with that of the institution. Failing to take this step will result in a flat application with no clear evidence of a good match. Result: easy deny.

  • How to identify the major best suited to your strengths and discover over 50 colleges with said major.
  • How to conduct a time-efficient dream college search. Begin with a list of 30+ possibilities before narrowing down.
  • The ultimate speed dating activity to personalize and narrow YOUR list. And then there were 20-25.
  • Ultimately, your academic qualities will drive the creation of the college list. Match your academic qualities with the one tool I can’t live without.
  • Result: drafted list of 5-8 dream colleges that are aligned with your interests, values, stats, and desire to attend.
  • A complete list will include 50/50, Likely, and Most Likely colleges for a total of 8-15 colleges to apply to.
    Next step: “Why Me” Box Delivery Activity.

Wait, How Many Essays?

Draft Your Dream College & Scholarship Essays

As a savvy parent, you know that each applicant needs a personal statement, or if you are in California, the UCs require four mini essays. However, the biggest shock and surprise for parents is discovering just how many additional essays students will have to write. When I work with private clients, each student completes easily more than 15 essays, but more like 20+ essays. Wait. What?

Let me break it down. Personal statement = 1. University of California = 4. Highly Selective Private Colleges = additional 1-4. Highly Competitive Public institutions = additional 1-2. If you “only” applied to six Common Application schools with one personal statement and an average of two additional supplemental essays, that would equal 13 essays. Adding the UCs makes it 17. Do see where I’m going here?

I realize we don’t know each other that well quite yet, but if I stand for anything, it is time efficiency. I’m the ultimate gal that begins each day with a minute to minute schedule. That’s why I created the four foundational essay game plan AND the best method to crafting the perfect set of essays. With this game plan and method, students will shave HOURS off the time they would otherwise spend on their own.

  • Learn the 4 Types of Foundational Essays.
  • Read real sample Dream College essays, including all four types.
  • Unpack the “Why Me” Box Delivery Activity.
  • Brainstorm essay ideas in the 7 categories every teenager will choose from.
  • Using the What-Why-Memory Essay Writing Method, students flesh out 4 potential essay topics, and draft 2 essays.
  • Discover how to use these essay topics and leverage them to earn outside scholarships dollars.

Are You the Teacher's Pet?

Select Your Dream Team: Teacher Recommendations

Each year, the best teachers are asked to write letters of recommendation for several seniors (sometimes 20-30). How do you make sure that teacher writes a glowing ad positive letter for YOU? That my friend is the million dollar question. Reading actual letters of recommendation is enough to get your teen to raise their hand more often and get to class before the bell rings, sans the latte (unless they also bring one for Dr. Edwards).

  • The purpose of teacher versus counselor letters of recommendation.
  • How to decide who to ask and how to get the best letter from your teachers.
  • Sample letters of recommendation for dream college applicants.
  • Complete the teacher recommendation questionnaire template

Do You Have a Plan or is Your Dream Just a Wish?

Think, Write, Plan: The Ultimate Dreamer's Action Plan

The 1979 Harvard MBA study set out to analyze goal setting among graduates. The study asked only one question, “Have you set written goals and created a plan for their attainment?”
· 84% of the entire class had not set any goals.
· 13% had written down goals, but had no plan.
· 3% of the entire class had both written down goals AND created a plan.

Results, 10 years later: 13% making 2x more than counterparts and the 3% with a plan were making 10x more than the other 97% of the graduates.

The Point is this, most high school teens dream of attending college, many will set goals, some will make a plan, few will see it through. The Best way to ensure success is to make a plan, write it down, and consistently chip away at it one day at a time.

You will need an Academic Qualification plan, Personal Qualification plan, Teacher Recommendation plan, and “Coolness” Factor plan. Without this, students are woefully behind their high-achieving counterparts.

  • Complete Action Plan for academic qualities, personal qualities, Leadership, & “Coolness” Factor.

  • Including: Specific Goals, Timeline, and Habits Formed

  • Time to Celebrate!! You’ve accomplished what so few will actually complete.

ROCKSTAR!!! ← that Would be YOU!

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Dream College Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step college guidance AND implementation program created for college-bound teens who are committed to becoming dreamers, doers, leaders, and achievers.

The community of high-achieving teens is made up of students from all backgrounds who want to take action, gain knowledge, and take control of their future. We surround our teens with high levels of support, encouragement, and inspiration to keep pushing and chasing their dreams.

Here’s the thing,

By the end of Day 14, you will have received the first two modules.

This means your teen will have had the opportunity to review admissions data of dream colleges, learn the behind-the-scenes truths about the college admission committee process, calculate their GPA with the dream colleges formula, and complete a 4-year comprehensive academic curriculum plan before making a final commitment.

If your teen doesn’t feel totally confident and motivated to actively pursue their dreams, with the support and resources necessary (and ability to put those tools into action), simply reach out, show us s/he did the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

“My advice to parents - start EARLY and partner with Dr. Colon. Thanks to her insights and structure both my daughter and son nailed their essays, got done with time to spare, were accepted to their top choice schools, and were offered many academic scholarships. They both will be attending their dream schools in the fall. And I was relieved of stress. Thank you, Dr. C!”
Sydel, Parent of Class of 2020

90% of the College Application Happens BEFORE Senior Year. Will You be Ready?

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Bonus: Parent Academy - The ONLY College Counseling Course designed especially for Parents - Value $2800

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If Your Teen Has Big College Dreams, Your Family Needs A Complete Plan And Strategy For Success.

Dream College Academy Is One In A Trio Of Courses Called Destination YOUniversity.

Right now you can bundle all of the courses together and save big! Keep scrolling to see all of the benefits Destination YOUniversity can offer your family.

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Have an on-demand pocket resource to answer questions that come up throughout high school and the application process.

Ensure your teen gets the personal 1-1 coaching s/he deserves for the daunting college essay process.

Have a library of college application resources, including  100+ essay samples, guided tutorials on supplemental questions, and how-to videos on completing the application.

Annual 30 minute 1-1 session with Dr. C. (upon request)

As Parents, your best last gift to your child is the gift of hope for a happy future.

Ensuring that happy future begins with decisions and choices made throughout high school.

In the midst of a global pandemic, four things have become crystal clear:

School Counselors are not as accessible for guidance and answers.

As parents YOU must take control over your child’s education and provide supplemental resources to help them achieve their dreams.

High School seniors continue to apply to many top tier colleges.

With the education gap widening, coveted college spots will ultimately go to families that are in the know and teens who stay ahead of their peers.

This is not fair. I know. This process is complicated, confusing, and competitive. I recommend finding an expert you like and trust to guide you. If that is me, then I’d be honored to partner with your family and become your teen’s Expert Coach, Motivational Cheerleader, so that YOU become your child’s most prized Champion!

Happy Teen. Happy Family. Happy Future.

"The knowledge and guidance that Dr. Colon provides is so valuable. I talked to my teen about the many pieces to college admissions, but he didn’t truly hear me and just expressed a lot of anxiety. Through the course he was given the knowledge and tools to tackle not just the admissions process but also gained wonderful principles for life, and the encouragement to be a “doer”. I saw his anxiety dissipate and a light bulb come on. I can’t wait to see how he puts his knowledge into action, and I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to educate their teen about the admissions process and give them a roadmap for success in that challenge as well as life!”

~ Jennifer, Parent of Class of 2023

Families pay $26k and more to get this kind of advice, guidance and personal attention throughout the college admission journey.


Remind Me What's Included:

Parent Academy gives parents the answers they need, questions to ask, and a community of smart parents of college bound teens.

It's the only college counseling course designed specifically for parents. 

Parent Academy: value $2800

Dream College Academy: A Comprehensive College Counseling Curriculum.

Now, with a simple click, every student has access to a library of video tutorials, assigned worksheets, resources, and the answers they need.

Dream College Academy: value $10,000

College Essay Bootcamp: Write essays that help you stand out!

CEB is a 5-Day intensive workshop that gives rising seniors the clarity they need on what to write and expert instruction on how to write essays that go from good to WOW.

Each student is assigned a personal essay coach for the week.

Essay Camp 2021 Dates:
June 21-25
July 12-16
July 19-23
August 2-6
August 9-13

College Essay Bootcamp: value $10,500









“My rising senior has never had a dream school. This course has not only given her the confidence to claim one but more importantly, the desire to build a college list that she can be very proud of! I highly recommend the DCA and Essay Camp combination! Dr. Colon, through the modules, individualized assistance, and amazing guest speakers, will make an impact on your child that is well worth the investment!”
Tricia, Parent Class of 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

“I was lucky enough to have Dr. Colon personally guiding me through the daunting process of college admissions. She was honest and direct while simultaneously being encouraging and tender, and she just knew her stuff. She fully supported all my ambitious dreams.”
Molly, Yale

“The DCA experience took the edge off my mounting pre-college anxiety. We now have a thoughtful and well organized plan to execute. Dr. Colon’s knowledge and experience helped to answer so many questions we had about the college application process. We are ready now.”

~ Susan, Parent of Twins, Class of 2022

Still Not Sure This is Right for You?

Dream College Academy is perfect for PARENTS who believe their teen deserves to:

  1. Dream big dreams and have adults in their life believe in those dreams.

  2. Believe they are smart and can achieve whatever they imagine possible.

  3. Receive expert college guidance and support throughout high school.

  4. Access a dream college if they so desire.

"I Get it, But I'm Not Sure My Teen is Ready"

Dream College Academy is perfect for the College-Bound Teen Who:

  1. Is just starting high school and wants a clear path (and checklists) to get it right.

  2. Has all the right grades and academic numbers, but needs help in figuring out what to do in terms of leadership and/or finding their “Coolness” Factor.

  3. Has a significant list of involvement, but needs clarity. S/He may be asking, “Am I doing the right things? Should I be doing more?”

  4. Is already investing 10+ hours to maintain a high grade point average AND also investing an additional 10+ hours in weekly activities and leadership responsibilities.

  5. Has achieved nearly every goal s/he has ever set out and gets excited about the challenge that comes with achieving even bigger goals! #MakeItHappen

If you answered "Yes" to at least 5 of these then I can't wait to meet your teen inside of Dream College Academy!


“I believe the areas that helped my daughter the most were the speaker sessions - hearing from a vast number of admission counselors solidified things for her as she prepares for applications. It also gave her confidence in knowing what she has done over these past 4 years+ should help to differentiate and hopefully get her into the school of her dreams.”
~ Tanya, Parent of Class of 2021

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90% of the College Application Happens BEFORE Senior Year. Will You be Ready?

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If Your Teen Has Big College Dreams, Your Family Needs A Complete Plan And Strategy For Success.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today: 

Parent Academy - $2800 value

Access to Dream College Academy for your entire High School Career - $10,000 value

College Essay Bootcamp - $10,500 value

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