In just 3 days, college bound teens will go from disorganized to FOCUSED and feeling miles AHEAD of their peers so YOU can stop worrying about what they need to do and when they’ll get it done.

The Complete Guide to Securing Your Happy Future

After coaching many, many successful students admitted to top-tier, prestigious colleges across the country and earnings of over 5.2 Million in scholarships I created Dream College Academy. DCA is the complete road map of how to plan, execute, and submit the perfect WOW application that leads to your happy future.

Dream College Academy isn’t so much about WHAT to do, it’s about showing you HOW to #GetItDone.

Yes, your teen will learn all the best tips, strategies, and behind-the-scenes truths. But, more importantly, with my step by step guidance and minute to minute schedule, your teen completes another task within each lesson, leaving them confident that the time put in now gives her/him an extra advantage among their peers.

The End Result: A highly-knowledgeable, highly-confident, and highly-motivated teen with the ONE Must-Have-Tool necessary for success: A Customized Academic, Personal, and Leadership Action Plan.


“It seemed that my daughter had all of the pieces to the puzzle, but we definitely needed help putting this jigsaw together. Dream College Academy (DCA) is where Janah discovered and learned to cultivate her passion project. The essay camp gave her the strategies to bring her ideas to light. I’m glad that I took this leap of faith with Dr. Colon to help make Janah’s college dreams come true.”
Cyntria R., Parent, Class of 2022

Chicago, IL

Janah, Princeton University, Class of 2026

Dream College Academy: The Jump Start EVERY TEEN Needs for College Admission Success! In 3 Days, students will:

Learn the difference between their College GPA vs. HS Transcript GPA

Students will graduate with 8 semesters of grades, but apply to college with 6 semesters of GPA. In class students will recalculate their college admissions GPA.

Complete the UC and/or Common Application Resume section

Each application has specific requirements, character limits, and word count. Students will learn how to choose the best activities and leadership roles AND discover how to best leverage the space with each entry.

Choose a College Major and Create a College List

Not every student should major in STEM. Before creating a list of colleges, students must be clear on their academic strengths and choose a major accordingly. Both of these decisions go hand in hand, like PB & J. With guidance, students will leave feeling confidence about their choice of major and college list.

Decide Who to ask and How to ask for the BEST Teacher Recommendations

Who to ask tricky, but is also strategic. Using our TAC formula, students will draft out the perfect email to send to teachers and request a home-run letter of recommendation.

Design a Plan of Action For Next Steps

Make a plan, work the plan, and the plan will work. With many of the puzzle pieces drafted or completed, students need a plan of action to stay on course. No worries. We got you.


“As a parent who started to search online that fall of junior year, researching here and there, I was lucky to connect with Dr. Colon on Facebook, and my two sons began with Dream College Academy.  As they learned the ins and outs during DCA, I kept thinking to myself, we should have done DCA the second half of freshmen year!   If you are wanting more information than what your school guidance department provides, I implore you to learn through Dream College Academy when your children are in grade 9 or 10.”

Sarah P, Parent of twins Class of 2022

Brewster New York public schools

Sean, UVA, Class of 2026

John, NC State, Class of 2026

Dream College Academy:

The Jump Start EVERY TEEN Needs for College Admission Success 

All sessions run Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am - 1pm PST 

April 4 - 6

April 11 - 13 (LIVE at Lynwood High School)
June 20 -23
July 18-20 
August  15 - 17



"The college admissions process was a daunting task until we were introduced to Dr. Cynthia Colon.  My daughter participated in Dr. Colon’s Dream College Academy and she also spent a week in the summer working on essays at Dr. Colon’s College Essay Bootcamp.  I can’t tell you how many times my daughter thanked me for encouraging her to get her essays done before the intense college admissions process in the fall when she was also trying to keep up with schoolwork, a job, college applications, ACT/SAT prep etc. I highly recommend Dr. Colon’s advice and services.
Karen Haney, Parent, Class of 2022 

Costa Mesa, CA

Lauren, U Wisconsin Business School, Class of 2026

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“Our son began working with Dr. Colon during sophomore year. She saw Miles’ potential and helped him leverage his strengths. He attended Dream College Academy, where he learned about the application process and College Essay Bootcamp to draft the multitude of essays he would need for his college and scholarship applications. He grew more confident in his writing and was then able to put his thoughts on paper effectively. We are forever grateful to Dr. Colon for her expert guidance and positive outlook during the complicated college admission process.”
Roxanne, Parent of Class of 2021

Claremont, CA

Miles, University of Michigan, Class of 2025