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Student Success Stories - Class of 2022

Student Interviews: Real Students, Real Success

Season 6 Episodes 123-152

Dr. C’s Top Picks:

#149-152 Janah - She Dreams of Ivy League and Becoming POTUS!

#146-148 Julia - This Girl Scout, Junior Park Ranger Loves Egyptology

#131 Max - This Rowing Entrepreneur Will Change The World at U Chicago

#140 Celeste - This Lynwood, CA local listened to her dad and took every opportunity he didn’t have!

#127 Jadir - Dual Citizen Heads to Rice for a Dual Degree

#123 Daphne - Marine Biologist Dishes Out College Admission Secrets

#134 Julio - This business minded Cali boy has been dreaming about USC for-ever!

#142 Sean -This baseball playing trumpet player has some thoughts about EA & ED!

#143 Hannah K. -This soccer playing yearbook editor is ready for anything!

#145 Suraj - This future doctor loves rock music and Fender guitars!

#139 Jacqueline - A Biomedical Engineer who gained a love of healthcare from volunteering at hospitals!

#129 Jeffrey - This MD Swimmer will study Engineering at Purdue!

#137 Bella - This thoughtful athlete found a passion for sports medicine in her trainer’s room

#132 Kenzie - This Social Media Maven made her teacher ‘TikTok famous’!

#136 Lauren - This budding entrepreneur started her own summer camp!

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