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School Leaders

Is where teens, parents and school leaders come to gain clarity and simplify the college admissions process.

Digital Courses

Now, School Counselors can sleep well knowing that Parents and Underclassmen have the information they need to get started, while focusing on getting juniors and seniors to the finish line.

Parent Academy

The only college counseling course designed specifically for parents. PA gives parents the answers they need, questions to ask, and a community of smart parents of college bound teens.

Dream College Academy

A Comprehensive College Counseling Curriculum delivered over seven modules and nearly 50 lessons. Now, with a simple click, every student has access to a library of video tutorials, assigned worksheets, resources, and the answers they need.

College Essay Bootcamp

This 5-Day intensive workshop gives rising seniors the clarity they need on what to write and expert instruction on how to write essays that go from good to WOW. Grades and test scores get their foot in the door, but compelling essays get them admitted.

If you are looking to supplement your college counseling services without breaking the budget, let’s chat.

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Presentations For Parents

5 Tips, Tales & Behind-The-Scenes Truths Every Parent Wants To Know.

Ever wonder what college admissions officers look for or why one student stands out over another? With over 20 years experience, Dr. Colon shares real tales, candid truths, and practical take-away tips for parents. This workshop is designed to leave parents more informed and armed with steps to take for a less stressful and happy college admission process. 

Parents of a College Bound Teen: The 4 Golden Rules to Follow.

Don’t want to be a Tiger Mom? Trying not to be a helicopter parent? Bravo for trying! You are not entirely to blame; we do live in a world where kids determine their self-worth by how many followers they have, grow their confidence by the number of accolades received, and constantly judge themselves against their counterparts across the country. Take a deep breath and let's get back to basics. Walk away understanding how the four golden rules can lead to a home filled with hugs, happiness, and humor.

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Presentations For Students

Setting A Vision And SMART Goals: 4 Plans Every High School Student Needs To Achieve Her/His Dreams.

When students write down their goals they are 42% more likely to achieve said goals. This 2-3 hour workshop will guide students to create a realistic plan and steps to put their plan into action. It will take work, determination, and complete discipline – but it is possible. 

College Admissions 101: Nittany Lions, RITchie Tigers, and Oski Bears, OH My!

When creating a college going culture on campus, it helps if everyone has a basic knowledge of the types of colleges across the country, vocabulary used in the admission process, and insight to how admission decisions are made. This is both enlightening and an excellent team building exercise for any constituency.

From Brainstorm To 2 Drafted Essays in 90 Minutes. 

There are two mistakes seniors make in the college admission essay process; 1) they wait too long to get started and 2) they choose generic topics that do not increase their chances of acceptance among a pools of tens of thousands of applicants. Let’s help them get it right!

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Presentations For School Leaders

4 Golden Rules of Teacher Letters of Recommendation 

This professional development  training is designed to kindly and gently help teachers understand the role the letter of recommendation plays in the college selection process. In my experience, while teachers are smart, savvy, and often good writers, that does not always translate on how to effectively and efficiently write a solid letter of recommendation. Teachers will leave with practical tips and verbiage they can use immediately. 

Tips, Tales & Truths for School Counselors 

Ever feel like you and your Principal / Head of School are not on the same page? Have you ever wished the administrators and teachers knew just a bit more about the college admission process? Hear from a former college counselor and private school principal to learn how you can leverage your knowledge and know-how to best serve your school and meet your principal’s expectations. A win-win for everyone!

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➙ If you are looking to supplement your college counseling services without breaking the budget, let’s chat. 

➙ If you are looking to create a dynamic college going culture for your school, let’s chat.

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