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Three Ways to Volunteer For Your Teen

Dec 13, 2022

This month, I will be beginning my blog series, all dedicated toward parents and guardians. This month is for you, the supporters! Be prepared to learn and grow with me through this series. I cannot wait to hear your perspectives, so feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts! 

Today I will talk about: Three Ways To Volunteer at your teen’s High School.

Families, this episode is for YOU. 

It is practical, it is actionable

And might win you the Parent of the Year award!

Get ready, let’s Do It!

3 Ways To Volunteer:

Parents: Three Tips on how you can be on campus without so obviously there to “spy” on your teen. 

What I love about high school is that there are so many events that need YOUR support and volunteerism. 

I believe that teens secretly love it when their parents are on campus, and available, while not being so obviously in their way or in their business. 

What can you do?

1- Volunteer to do something consistently throughout the year. Join the PTA leadership team, or maybe help work in the snack bar, the booster store, help out in the front office, assist during lunch time or after school in the library. Maybe it is for 2 hours per week or 8 hours per week – but if you have the time, you will not regret being on your teen’s campus.

2- Volunteer on a seasonal basis. Join a committee tasked with something from the PTA, help with the ticket sales during the plays and musicals, work the snack bar only for football or basketball, plan the holiday craft sale, spring festival, or prom. This is my favorite option because it allows you the flexibility to volunteer during a time when your teen is NOT playing a sport or planning that dance. In other words – if your daughter plays basketball – then work the snack bar for the boys basketball games or during football season. If your child is a senior, then maybe plan the holiday craft sale instead of the prom this year. 

3- Parents that like to cook or drive, any team or organization that competes after school and/or on weekends is always in need of extra drivers and/or food to feed the students. Schools don’t always have the budget to bus the entire team to a competition, much less feed every student a nice dinner. It is a reality – and yet – your teens are hungry and have had a long day. This is an easy way to sign up ahead of time – aligned with your schedule and what you can do. 

A word to the wise, call the PTA President and/or the parent volunteer coordinator. Give them a sense of what you can do and they will help direct you. 

You may also need to complete paperwork, get fingerprints taken, turn in a copy of your license, take a first aid and/or CPR class, get on an email list, etc.  It will all depend on how closely you work with under aged minors. It may seem tedious – but it is for the safety of your teen and others. 

So go on – Get out there and volunteer your time and talent!! You have great gifts. 

Cannot wait to learn more about how you can make a difference with your teen? Next week will be focused all on listening, so stay tuned! 

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Dr. C