The College Acceptance Formula

The 4-step process to get the acceptance letter you want to frame!

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Get instant access to The Acceptance Formula for just $49 today!

Get instant access to The Acceptance Formula for just $49 today

The College Acceptance Formula

Work with me to get your teen through the college application process. Do not let them give up on DREAM colleges - they need help, guidance and technique to win those coveted places. It is within your gift to get them there!

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✅ 4 Types of Essays Every Teen Needs

✅ Step 1: From Brainstorm To Draft in 90 minutes.

✅ Step 2: Choosing Your Best Topics

✅ Step 3: The  Bullet Proof College Essay Template

✅ Step 4: Edit, Edit, Edit! 

70+ Sample Essays 

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"“I drafted what I thought was a winning personal statement, but after learning Dr. C’s methods, my essays improved 1000%. I am so thankful my parents found Dr. C. I’m now headed to Berkeley this fall.” "

Suraj, Class of 2022, Berkeley, Class of 2026

"“My advice to parents- start EARLY and PARTNER with Dr. Colon and her team. Thanks to her insights, structure, and strategies, my daughter nailed her essays, got done with time to spare, was accepted to her top choice schools, and was offered many academic scholarships. And I was relieved of stress. She will be attending UCLA in the fall. Thank you, Dr. C!”"

Sydel, Parent, Class of 2019, UCLA Class of 2023

"Wow – Connor actually thanked me last night. He told me that he would not have been able to get that done on his own. So THANK YOU!! You took a massive burden off my shoulders and probably saved my relationship with my son – we would have gone to battle if I had had to do that with him."

Proud Mom of Cosette, Transfer student to Berkeley, Class of 2023

"“I gained a new level of confidence and that I am my own unique person. Most importantly, I gained the ability to write college essays efficiently and effectively. I am now able to quickly write a college essay which touches on the what-why-memory format. Now I’m headed to UCSD”"

Ethan, Class of 2021, UCSD, Class of 2025

"“Our son became engaged in the college application and research process and began fully evaluating and vetting institutions in a confident manner. The program also trickled down to the parents with suggestions for us to better prepare. Both College Essay Workshop and UC application strategies are well worthwhile programs that we completely and confidently recommend. Our son is choosing between UCSB and UC Davis”"

David, Parent of Class of 2021, UCD, Class of 2025

The College Application deadline is coming. 

You can either watch your kid struggle with this essay, cross your fingers and hope for the best, or you can sign them up for The College Acceptance Formula and know that you’ve given them the best chance at creating the life that they (and you) want for them. 

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Why Dr. Cynthia Colón?

Dr. Colón has worked as both an admission officer at Vassar College in New York and as a college counselor at the elite private Marymount High School in Los Angeles. She has read thousands of applications and worked directly with over 800 students who have been admitted to top colleges in the country – including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Duke, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, Berkeley, Notre Dame, and many more. 

She has been featured on ABC, NBC, KTLA, FOX 5, KCAL, WGN, WKRC and in Latina Style.

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