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The University of California- Quick Tips Blog

Nov 29, 2022

The University of California- Quick Tips Blog

If you are applying to the University of California system, the due date is November 30th at 11:59pm, not a second later. We recommend submitting by Saturday the 26th if possible. Remember 220K+ students are submitting applications to the UC system over the next several days, so do not delay! 

Want some more application tips, watch my KTLA interview all about UC applications:

Here are a few quick tips I've said before, but are always worth saying again:

ADVICE TO EVERYONE: Apply to at least ONE UC from each "tier", you know what I mean by this. 

HEAR this: the UC system is the best in our nation, perhaps the world. You want at least one UC option. Why? Because who doesn't want the best at a great price point? If you choose not to go, then that's your choice. 

The Nitty Gritty About UC Applications:

1: There are NO letters of recommendation, so the student has to be their own best advocate.

2: Essays should not all be on the same topic. Use the Core 4 philosophy.

3: If you skip one of the Core 4 essays, do NOT skip the future/ academic essay. Again, there are NO teacher letters of recommendation and you need the reader to understand what kind of student you are. 

4: If you took courses at your school that are NOT listed on the UC A-G approved list. Not to worry, you can ADD additional required courses in the activities section "Additional Course Work."

5: You can have up to 20 activities / awards. Input them IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE / leadership.  If you have more - combine thematically. For example: community service, athletics or theology courses.

6: Use the activity space to not just share what you do/did - but why. Did you organize a cancer walk because someone in your family has cancer? Did you triple the number of blood donors because your mom is a nurse? 

7: There is room for additional information in the Academic History section (550 characters). This is to point out a low grade, special circumstance, transfer schools, or that you were limited by the number of AP courses allowed at your high school, or something academic related. 

8: Additional Comments (550 words max) also found in the PIQ section. Use this to either expand on the academic history section or add something that is NOT already in your PIQs. This is not required.

9: Check all scholarships that might apply to you, you never know what you might find!

10: Offer a second major choice where possible.

REMEMBER: Your only goal in this process is to maximize your choices!

OK -- I'm sure I'm forgetting more tips, but I wanted you to have these to get you going. 


Congratulations to those who have already hit submit!

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Until next time,

Dr. C