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4 Strategies to LISTEN to your teen

Dec 20, 2022

4 Strategies to LISTEN to your teen

Don’t Nag, Listen Instead.

This month, I am on part two of my three part series focused around coming up with strategies for parents and guardians as their teen prepares for their transition into college. This will be the beginning of a blog series, all dedicated toward parents and guardians. 

This month is for you, the supporters! Be prepared to learn and grow with me through this series. I cannot wait to hear your perspectives, so feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts! Last week, we discussed the best methods for volunteering to support your teen. 

TIP: Loving Your Teen Means Listening Twice As Much As Questioning

There is only so much bandwidth a teenager has on any given school day – so instead of peppering them with questions and adding to their already too long “to-do” list – here are FIVE things you can do and easily win the Parent of the Year Award! (well, at least for the day:) 

1- Ask open-ended questions and LISTEN.

If you ask yes or no questions, you’re going to get yes or no answers. So try two questions: How do you feel about your upcoming school week? Is there anything I can help you with tonight?

2- Pick Up Carpool and LISTEN.

One of the things my father did really well was listen. No matter which friend I had in the car, or at home for fun or a project, he knew everything about my friends. He’d often ask how is “April or Stephanie” or when he saw Scott he’d ask, “How was your game?” My friends referred to my father as Papa Colon. He was never an intrusion because he kept to himself, if only to ask a question to LISTEN to my friends. 

3- Request a power catch up twice per week and LISTEN. 

Teenagers have a 14-17 minute attention span. Ask your teen to choose two days during the week they can commit to giving you a 10-minute power catch up. Agree that you won’t pepper them with questions other than on those days. Find 2-3 open-ended questions you want to ask. 

4- Observing + LISTENING = Knowing your teen!

I know it is hard to find time for everything you have to do as a parent, but I guarantee there is nothing more important than taking an interest in their life. Go to the parent meetings, attend their volleyball and soccer games, volunteer for the Saturday robotics competition, or bake for the arts bake sale. Your child will remember your presence more than your presents.

Cannot wait to learn more about how you can make a difference in your relationship with your teen? Next week will be focused all on the difficulties and joys of texting your teen, so stay tuned! 

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Dr. C