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Season 4 Episode 81 Original AirDate June 23, 2021

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#81 Carlos Leyva: A First Generation To College Student Gets A Nudge From His English Teacher

Are you trying to figure out what it is that colleges want to learn about you in your application? Check out this interview with Carlos Leyva, admission counselor, to hear more. If you want to learn about why colleges want to see your true PASSION, this episode is for you. If you want to learn about what it can be like to go on the journey to college as a first-generation college student, this episode is for you.

TIP: What You See In Others Is What You Believe In Yourself.

TALE: Carlos Leyva had a cousin who had already attended Chapman. Not only was Carlos Leyva familiar with Chapman, he had been there, and knew someone who was successful there. He could envision himself on the campus studying, working, and being mentored by the adults, just like his cousin. What Carlos Leyva saw his cousin achieve, he then believed he could do the same.

TRUTH: Cousins, peers, friends count for a lot of who we believe we can become. I was one of the older cousins, so for me I looked to my peers and friends. If they were getting A’s in class, I thought I could too. If they were joining student council, well, why not me? When they applied to public AND private colleges, I simply did the same.

As a parent you have only two responsibilities: 1 – give your child the best education you can possibly afford and 2 – expose your child to as many experiences you can possibly think of. If you can do these two things, everything will fall into place. It is all about WHO they will meet along the way. Who she sits with and debates with, who he learns with and plays with will manifest into confidence and self-belief in ways that you can’t imagine.

In this episode, learn all about Carlos Leyva' interesting journey to college, and hear about why he loves Chapman University, the school he works at. You'll also hear his intertwined tale and truth, and you'll learn about why the prototypical "overachiever" student may not actually be the most compelling applicant!

Watch, listen and learn from Carlos Leyva! He is extraordinary!



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