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Great College Essays Are The Difference Between an Admit or Deny at Top 100 Colleges!

Every student can use help with college application essays. For something as vital as a college essay, online help can be rather hit or miss. But when that college admissions essay help comes from a certified college admissions expert, you can be sure that the essay writing training you receive will help make your college application as strong as possible.

Dr. Cynthia Colón utilizes her vast experience working in college admissions, and as a high school admissions counselor, to help students get a jump start on their college application essay. Who knows better what an admissions office wants to see than someone who has done that work?

Dr. C worked at Vassar College, one of the oldest and prestigious colleges in the country. While there she had access to other admission officers at Ivy League and sister institutions and was mentored by the best of the best. If you are looking for someone who knows what an admitted application to a top college looks like, you've come to the right place.

If you have a teen who would benefit from help with college essays for admissions, You have come to the right place. We are so confident that we can make a difference, we’d like to give you some college essay help online for free!

Our FREE college admission help counseling videos will introduce you to the most common topics for application essays and help you avoid the mistakes that send the admissions office running. This series isn’t just help for writing college essays, this is guidance in the college application process.

College Essay Writing Help

In FOUR Short Videos, You Will Learn:

1. The difference between academic strengths, extracurricular activities, and personal/ co-curricular strengths.
2. Why the college admission essay is so important in gaining admission to top 100 colleges.
3. Seven Categories of topics all applicants choose from.
4. Four College Admission Essay Topics that DON’T work for top 100 colleges.
5. Five biggest mistakes teens make when drafting their college essays.

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You Will Walk Away with:

1. A clear understanding of the college and university admission selection process.
2. The best college essay brainstorm worksheet to help students discover their winning essay.
3. Ten real examples of winning college admission essays.
4. An opportunity for students to master the college admission essay this summer.

Yes! Show Me The Free Training
College Essay Help Video #1: Why Are Essays So Important

VIDEO #1: Why College Essays Are Key To Getting Admitted

College Essay Help Video #2: The 7 Categories of Essays

VIDEO #2: Let’s Brainstorm 2 College Admission Essay Topic Ideas!

College Essay Help Video #3: 6-12 Minutes to Convince

VIDEO #3: The 6-12 Minute Application Review. DON’T Make These Mistakes.

College Essay Help Video #4: The Blueprint to Essays Success

VIDEO #4: The 4 Types of Students Who Need Help in the College Essay Bootcamp

Who is Dr. Colón?

Dr. Cynthia Colón’s book, Tips, Tales, & Truths for Teens, takes the overwhelm out of the college admission process and serves as a roadmap for all families. Her national podcast, Destination YOUniversity, features VPs, Deans, and Admission Directors from colleges across the country. Dr. Colón has been featured on KTLA, ABC, NBC, FOX 5, KCAL, WGN, WKRC, and in Latina Style.

Dr. Colón is an alumna of USC, Teachers College, Columbia University, and UCLA. Dr. C has worked on both sides of the desk, also known as the “shipping and receiving” ends of college admissions. As the Assistant Director of Admission at Vassar College, she met students and families from FL, TX, MN, KS, CA, and North and South Dakota. After Vassar, Cynthia became the Director of College Counseling at the all-girls school, Marymount High School in Bel Air, CA.

Dr. Cynthia Colón

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