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Season 4 Episode 79 Original AirDate June 8, 2021

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#79 April Crabtree: A Conversation with Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Admission

How do you go about following your college dreams? USF Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Admission April Crabtree shows us how to be a dream-builder. If you want to feel inspired to follow your goals, this episode is for you. If you want encouragement to keep at it, this episode is for you.


TALE: Reading the bios of our guests for Dream College Academy is always a treat, but this particular bio made me stop in my tracks. This decorated Fulbright scholar concluded her brief bio with this sentence: “In her newly found quarantine spare time, April Crabtree has been learning Klingon on Duolingo, working on her crow pose in yoga, and running away from zombies through the running app Zombies! Run.”

I couldn’t remember anything else in her bio except “crow pose.” It’s not that I too had been working on my crow pose, but the fact that April Crabtree listed items on her bio that made her real, human, and accessible. That week at Dream College Academy, April Crabtree became one of the “popular” guests. Why? For the same reason, she was accessible. Her advice to students, “Pay attention to how the admission office treats you before you arrive. That is an indication of how you’ll be treated once you are a student.” So sound. So simple. So true.

TRUTH: Colleges are made up of people. The administration, professors, student affairs staff, and of course, the students. Maybe it’s just a “Latino” thing, but I am positive that it was equally important to my mother that she connect with someone she trusted at USC as it was for her that I be happy at my college of choice. With each podcast, the goal is to get to know the PERSON being interviewed just as much as learning about the institution they represent.

In this podcast, you'll hear April Crabtree talk about her current institution and why she loves it, you'll hear about her own personal journey to college, you'll hear a tale about how challenging it can be for admissions counselors to say "no", hear a tip about how to know what a potential college will treat you when you become a student there, AND hear about why April Crabtree is learning Klingon, a language from Star Trek.

This week, April Crabtree is a treat to watch and listen to! I can’t wait for you to get to know the woman who I think of every time I attempt my crow pose.


University of San Francisco

April Crabtree


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