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The ONE Isn’t Always Obvious. Expand Your Parameters.

blog categorization organization Mar 25, 2022

Your True Love Isn’t Always Obvious. Expand Your Parameters.


TIP: The ONE Isn’t Always Obvious. Expand Your Parameters. 


TALE: I’m like most of my students, I’m looking for the pretty, the perfect and prestigious. But after being at the college admission game for over 20 years, I’m finally listening to my own advice. Expand your list. 


After being on my dating app for a week or so, I wasn’t matching with whom I was “looking” for, or was I? Was the Hinge algorithm smarter than me? I wasn’t convinced, so I did two things. First, I adjusted my parameters - age, distance, and ethnicity. Second, I started actually opening the app and using it more minutes per day, I figured, the more information, the better the algorithm.  I was right, I’m getting closer to what I’m looking for, while ALSO staying open to someone I may not have otherwise considered. 


One more thing I did. I’ve begun telling anyone and everyone that will listen that I am on a mission to find my last great love. I ask friends and colleagues, “If you should think of someone that might be a good fit, I’m open to an introduction.” 


TRUTH: I’m telling you, dating is like searching for the perfect list of colleges to apply to. The more you hunt, the better students can hone down and refine exactly what s/he is looking for. With each week that goes by I am more aware of my “Must Haves,” “Should Haves,” and “Could Haves.” And as a result of knowing what I want, I am better at expressing what I need. 


They say a man is lucky if he is her first love and a woman is lucky if she is his last love. While I am in search of becoming someone’s last love, college is a teenager’s first love. You will have many more loves coming your way, but the college you call home will always have a special place in your heart. I still bleed cardinal and gold and rarely wear my powder blue from Columbia or UCLA. 


Is your teen on the hunt for the perfect college? Are you struggling to figure out what to do next? No worries, I got you! 


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