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Celebrate Every Victory Like It’s The Only One Coming!

Mar 24, 2022

Remember McKayla Maroney? Silver Medalist?

TIP: Celebrate Every Victory Like It’s The Only One Coming!

TALE: Do you remember this face of McKayla Maroney? She stood on the podium to receive her Olympic Silver Medal, and this was her face. The year was 2012. The place, London, England. The sport: Gymnastics, Vault. It was there that McKayla “settled” for the silver and Sandra Izbasa of Romania won the gold. 

Let us pause for a hot minute. Only 5 young women “The Fab Five” made the US Olympic Team that year. McKayla was among the five best women gymnasts in America and became the second-best vaulter (is that a word) in the world.  Not too shabby for the summer of 2012! Hello. 

I once listened to a podcast, I think it’s called “The Happiness Lab.” That particular episode talked about coming in second and how that takes an emotional toll on so many. As I listened I thought about students who cling to an 89.4% and bemoan how she was so close to an A, or the basketball game that came down to one point - perhaps a missed free throw would have made the difference. 

TRUTH: I know. It happens every year. High School Seniors are admitted, wait-listed, and denied from colleges all over the country. Often times we shake our heads and think, why didn’t he get in, why was she wait-listed. The truth is, we don’t know, and it is never ONE thing that made the difference. But my point is this, each admit, wait-list, and deny is a VICTORY. Yes, even the denies are victories. 

Celebrate a Deny. Why? It takes immense courage and bravery for any teenager to put their heart and soul on the line fully aware that their heart might get broken. Going after your dreams is something you should never give up on. Chin Up, Chest Out, Smile! If this is really your dream school, you’ll find a way to get there. Transfer. Grad School. Plenty of time to get there.

Wait List, this is a clear - “We loved your application, but…” Trust me, this is a win. The “but” this particular year may be, we had too many applicants from your state or with that major. Or it could be that institution overenrolled last year and had to select fewer students this year. In any case, smile, this is a victory. And as my good friend Dorothy used to say, “Delay does not mean denial.” 

Admit. Congratulations are in order with every admit. Guy Raz, host of the podcast “How I Built This,” loves to ask company founders this question, “Do you think your success was due to your hard work or luck?” Each entrepreneur has a different answer, and I’m guessing you do too. But, the truth is, when it comes to college admissions, it is a mix of both. Without the hard work leading up to senior year, luck is simply not enough. As the Roman philosopher, Seneca, “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity."

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