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Remember, It’s Not About What You Love, It’s About Their Interests.

blog categorization organization Mar 25, 2022

 It’s Not About Me, It’s About Her. My Goddaughter Finds Her Jam.


TIP: Remember, It’s Not About What You Love, It’s About Their Interests. 


TALE: If you haven’t met Blueberry (that’s what we called her when she was in her Mommy’s tummy), meet Brielle. She is 11 years old, 5th grade, and she loves real estate. How do I know? Well, I’ve asked her for over a year now and she gives me the same answer. 


When I spend time with Blueberry I have to be mindful that it is all about her. What is she working on, reading, watching, TikToking? And if I can get a little bit of what she's curious about, bingo, I know I’m on to something. But every time I wanted to engage about real estate, I’d get stuck and didn’t know where to begin. 


I don’t know much about real estate, but I recently listened to a podcast episode with the founder of Zillow. I thought, great, at least I’ll know something the next time I see Blueberry. 


Last week after polishing nails and watching March Madness, we looked up Zillow and got out a blank sheet of paper and pencil. Looking at the map of greater LA, she picked a few cities and so did I. “OK, so what you are going to do is decide on how many bedrooms and baths you want to look up and you’ll compare that same model in each city at least once per month,” I explained my idea of how she might follow the market. Then she offered other items to add to the spreadsheet, like square footage, lot size, condition, the year it was built, etc. See, already she was smarter than me. 


TRUTH: Here is the truth, it pains me to see any teen or pre-tween constantly on their phone watching mindless social media videos. I'd much rather have her create content than consume it, or at least spend some minutes doing something productive. 


With just 20 minutes of me engaging her in something SHE enjoys, I took her mind off being on her phone AND we spent quality time together. The next step is for me to text her every so often and ask about the project and spreadsheet. 


I have no idea if she will still love real estate in two years, much less five years, the point is to meet your teen/ pre-tween where they are. Let him know you are interested, allow her to teach you about her passion. Teens love this. I mean, they don’t tell you, but they do. Trust me. 

Wondering what to do with your teen? Trying to figure out how to nurture an interest? Let’s chat.


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