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For Best Results Addictive Habits Should Be Avoided Temporarily.

blog categorization organization Mar 25, 2022


Swedish Fish Fridays. Does That Count?


TIP: For Best Results Addictive Habits Should Be Avoided Temporarily.


TALE: I don’t know about you, but I grew up addicted to sugar. She was there as my wake up call with cookies and milk for breakfast, or as a pick-me-up with Hot Tamales or Swedish Fish at the movies, or in the form of Teddy Grahams or a piece of pecan pie to comfort me on a bad day at school. I’d walk to the corner store as a kid, change in hand, just for a box of Lemon Heads or Now or Laters. Those were the days, right? Sugar, well she had a real hold on me. 


With age came wisdom, and I slowly began replacing the roll of mini donuts at lunch with a box of raw veggies, or oatmeal and a banana in lieu of milk and cookies for breakfast. The night before a training run meant no dessert (or alcohol). To my surprise, each time I temporarily gave her up, I felt better, leaner, and faster. I felt great. 


TRUTH: When I work with private clients, I ask students to tell me how they spend their time. No judgment, but I ask each one to be honest about how much time they spend scrolling on IG or TikTok. Honestly, I get an answer of 20 - 60 minutes. Translation: 45-120 minutes. 


What do I do with this information? I basically remind the student that applying to college is a temporary part-time job. This is the job application, aka, the paper interview of their life, is what will determine their happy future. Together we make a plan for how they will repurpose those minutes and slowly make progress researching colleges on, or working on their “Coolness” project we’ve come up with, applying to scholarships, etc. Within one week, they see the results and realize breaking up with social media is only temporary. And, with “good behavior” I let them sneak it in for a bit. 


Is your teen in need of a temporary break up? Let’s chat.


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