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Encourage The Groggy And Watch Them Find Their Grit!

Mar 24, 2022

Stadium To The Stars: I Love the LA Marathon!


TIP: Encourage The Groggy And Watch Them Find Their Grit!


TALE: Each year I make it a point to go out and cheer on the brave souls traversing the streets of Los Angeles. With the kiss of the sun beaming down on their sweaty cheeks, they run from Dodger Stadium, through Downtown LA, past landmarks on Hollywood Sunset Blvds., take in the cities of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and end at Avenue of the Stars in Century City. I mean really, who could ask for anything more? I can hear Randy Newman singing, “I love LA” in my head. 


This year I was stationed at mile 19, three quarters of the way into the race. Runners seemed to jog by as I was eating my donut. Um. What? Do you know what I would look like at mile 19, with 7 miles left to go? Groggy. That’s what. I’d be running on fumes for sure. 


My commadres stood beside me with encouraging signs, while I yelled, “I see you ‘Braids,’” “I see you pink shorts,” “I see you Michigan St.” I’d select something about their apparel or look to call them out, followed by, “Looking good,” “You got this,” “19 miles in the books, keep going.” Most kept going, some gave a fist pump. And then here we had this man nearly stop and offer prayer hands to offer his gratitude. We loved every minute of it. And yes, I did finish my donut. (I mean I was tired of encouraging thousands).

Amongst the seas of sooth runners, there were plenty of groggy brave souls. Our posters offered love, hope, our yelling gave support and the “atta girl” they needed. This one kiddo with his “Students Run LA” shirt on looked like a drowned rat at mile 19. “I see you LA Students Run, I’m so proud of you.” His eyes lit up, he smiled with his chin up, and just like that, he began running, I mean nearly sprinting. And as he ran past, I knew he would make it to the end. 

TRUTH: It does not take much to fuel a child to greatness. In fact, the words, “I’m proud of you,” “I see you,” “I believe in you,” those words to fire up just about anyone. 


When it comes to college-bound teens, it doesn’t matter who is in front of you or who is behind you, teens simply must decide to get in the race and chase their dreams. And at the same time, every child needs their sideline team of supporters, village of cheerleaders, and community of believers. THIS is what fuels their grit. Trust me. I challenge you to offer 5 positive affirmations and/or encouraging words every single day for 5 days. Watch what happens.


S/He will go from Groggy to Grit to Grateful.


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