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College Spotlight: University of Delaware

Feb 01, 2023

This university’s alumni tell their story of achievement -- from the first class that included three signers of the Declaration of Independence and a signer of the Constitution to a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a Tony Award-winning choreographer and the 46th president and 47th vice president of the United States.

Other Notable alumni include: First Lady of the United States Jill Biden (B.A. 1976); New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Super Bowl XLVII's MVP Joe Flacco.

Quick Facts and Figures:
Located in: Newark, DE
UD has a Total Student Body of: 17,500 undergraduate students
Applicants: 25,194, accept 68%
U Delaware – located 62 miles to Baltimore and 47 miles to Philadelphia

The private academy from which the university grew was founded in 1743, making it one of the oldest in the nation. However, UD was not chartered as an institution of higher learning until 1833. historian John Munroe toasted UD’s original class as "possibly the most distinguished in terms of the later achievements of its members, taken as a whole, of any class in any school in America." Those first students would go on to become statesmen, doctors, merchants and scholars. Thomas McKean, George Read and James Smith signed the Declaration of Independence, and Read also signed the U.S. Constitution.

Institute for Global Studies
The University of Delaware just might be the founding fathers of America's study abroad program – first launched in 1923 – over 90 years old.

In 1923, a young professor walked into the president's office with a daring plan: to send students abroad for their junior year.

Prof. Raymond W. Kirkbride, an instructor in the Modern Languages Department and a WWI veteran, had seen firsthand what disagreements between nations could do; he had seen smoldering ruins and burned-out buildings across the French countryside. But he had also met, and greatly enjoyed, the French, and understood the potential that travel and study had for promoting cross-cultural understanding. And so – his pitch to the president was approved!

Over 90 years later - The Institute for Global Studies coordinates about 100 programs annually, with a specialization in short term, faculty-led programs. Courses are available from an array of disciplines and fulfill a variety of requirements. Semester-long and exchange programs are also available for students looking to gain more cultural immersion and, if relevant to their course of study, greater language acquisition.

Here are a few countries you could travel to: Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, South Africa, Thailand, and Viet Nam. That is to just name a FEW.

What I loved about the Institute is how easy it was to find information – they have advising hours, drop in hours, an online database, a Photo gallery, information for Parents, financial information and so much more.

Studying abroad can and will be extremely rewarding – and it is clear to me that the University of Delaware is committed to giving their students the opportunity to see the world and make it as accessible as possible. Bravo UD!!


Trabant University Center
Food Court
Copy Center
Multi purpose room – over 700 people
Quiet study lounge
State of the art movie theater – with current movies playing
And my favorite feature ….

Vita Nova – award winning student run – fine dining restaurant

  • serves lunch Mon – Friday
  • dinner Wed – Friday
  • I took a look at the menu and this is now on my To DO list!!
  • GOOGLE: Vita Nova (2 words) University of Delaware