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Season 4 Episode 76 Original AirDate May 18, 2021

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#76 Vince Garcia: 10 Strategies to Beef Up Your College Admissions Resume During a Pandemic

How can you strengthen your college application/resume during a pandemic?? Listen to this interview with Vince Garcia, college admissions guide, to find out. If you're wondering how important community service is, this episode is for you. If you're thinking about ways to boost your college resume, this episode is for you.

TIP: Never Force a teen to do something they find undesirable.

TALE: When I worked with private clients one of the things families are surprised about is when I give permission to the teen to let go of community service. WHAT? Yep. That’s right. Instead we focus on a coolness project. What is a coolness project? Pairing something you “have to” do with something you “want to” do.

Like Jalynn who had to (wanted to) do her Girl Scout Gild Award AND has a desire to become a veterinarian. Result: authored a children’s book about ocean animals and coordinated an educational fair for 200+ guests.

Or Charlie. Wants to major in mechanical engineering and loves tinkering and building. Result: starting building custom bikes.

Vince Garcia offers great advice this week on how to beef up the resume!!




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