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4 College Admission Essays Every Teen Needs

Your teen is less than 100 days away from applying to college and you realize it's time to put your big girl/boy pants on and make a plan. We got you!

No need to spend time trying to figure out WHAT to write, I’ll break down what we call the “Core 4.” The four essays every college bound teen needs to find a path to success!

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In This FREE Class You Will Discover...

5 reasons the essays is critical to the application (hint: academics DON'T get you admitted)

The 4 types of essays every teen needs and the 4 that don't work.

10+ Successful Sample essays

Real tales of real students and their essay topics.


College Admissions Is Not What It Used To Be. You’ve Got To Be 5 Steps Ahead!

Each year we hear about the rare students admitted to top tier “Dream” colleges. You wonder, “What made her stand out?” or “How did he do it?” And you definitely want to know, “What did they write about?

Believe me, most teens have PLENTY to write about. Problem, they just don’t know how to get started. The fear of writing the wrong thing can consume any overachieving teen into paralysis. Don’t worry, we will break down the FOUR types of essays every college bound teen needs and why.

Join me and watch, listen and learn what success looks like, the path to get there, and how to get started in building a stand-out application.

This Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if...

✓ Your teen has at least 1 Top 100 college on his/her list (admits fewer than 35% of their applicant pool).


✓ Your teen is applying to the University of California and other colleges with 60-139K applicants.

Your teen will use the Common App to apply to multiple private colleges.


Your teen is an achiever, doer, dreamer, and/or procrastinator (aren’t we all).


A Personal Invitation From Dr. Colon 

I’ve been helping families navigate college admissions since the day I realized how little parents and teens know about the process. You are not alone. 

That was 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked directly with thousands of students, visited hundreds of colleges across the country, delivered nearly 100 workshops, webinars, and boot camps, and interviewed over 50 college admission experts. 

The success of my students includes acceptances to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Brown, Duke, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, Berkeley, Notre Dame, Boston College and many more. Perhaps I’m most proud of the over $15M in scholarships our “campers” have earned just this year!

Through the combination of my experience at elite private colleges and secondary schools AND the wisdom of my amazing students I have learned that teens typically know WHAT they want to write about, they just don’t know HOW to share their story. After reading THOUSANDS of essays, our team knows what success looks like!

If you and your teen are committed to not only dreaming the impossible, but finding a way to make it happen, well then we cannot wait to help you get there! #LetsDoThis

Pick the date and time that works best for you.

Until then may you have a happy and sunny day.
~ Dr. C.