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If you're looking to do this on your own, but with EXPERT Guidance,

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"With Dream College Academy I found out who I am, discovered what I want to major in, and realized I DO have a "coolness" factor!”
~ Kenzie, Class of 2022

"With Dream College Academy, I finally figured out HOW to apply to college, HOW to share my story, and I was finally admitted to my dream college as a transfer student.”
~ Cosette, Class of 2021, Berkeley Class of 2023

"My daughter had big dreams since she was young. We found Dr. C when Janah was a sophomore and she joined Dream College Academy and later completed College Essay Bootcamp. Now, her dreams have come true.
~ Mother of Janah, Class of 2022, admitted to Princeton, Cornell, U Penn, UVA, Howard, Georgetown

Dream College Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step college guidance AND implementation program created for college-bound teens who are committed to becoming dreamers, doers, leaders, and achievers.

The community of high-achieving teens is made up of students from all backgrounds who want to take action, gain knowledge, and take control of their future. We surround our teens with high levels of support, encouragement, and inspiration to keep pushing and chasing their dreams.

Here’s the thing,

By the end of Day 14, you will have received the first two modules.

This means your teen will have had the opportunity to review admissions data of dream colleges, learn the behind-the-scenes truths about the college admission committee process, calculate their GPA with the dream colleges formula, and complete a 4-year comprehensive academic curriculum plan before making a final commitment.

If your teen doesn’t feel totally confident and motivated to actively pursue their dreams, with the support and resources necessary (and ability to put those tools into action), simply reach out, show us s/he did the work, and we’ll refund your investment.



Value = $5K

(recommended for 11th, 12th)

  • Personal Essay Coach 

  • 4-6 Drafted Topics

  • 2 Essays Completed. 

  • 1 Essay Professionally Edited   

  •  Packet of 70+ Sample Essays

  •  BONUS: College Counseling Curriculum Includes:

    • How Colleges Calculate YOUR Admissions GPA
    • How to Beef Up Your Resume 
    • How To Decide on a Major
    • How to Build a College List 
    • Teacher Recommendations: How & Who To Ask
BUY NOW ($1500)

College Admissions: Dream College Academy Varsity Package


Value = $4k

(recommended for 11th, 12th)

Includes Complete College Application Essay Workshop


Full College Counseling Curriculum Includes:

  • Academics: How Colleges Calculate YOUR Admissions GPA
  • Co-Curriculars: How to Beef Up Your Resume 
  • How To Find and Decide on a Major
  • Build a College List with Appropriate Reach, Target and Likely Schools
  • Teacher Recommendations: How & Who To As
  • Tackling the Common App and Supplemental Essays
  • 20+ Sample Supplemental Essays 
  • 20+ Sample Winning Essays to Top 30 Colleges
  • Strategies To Complete Your Resume Section For Common App and UC Application 
  • How To Maximize The UC Application And Earn an Admit
  • Prepare for Dream College Interviews
BUY NOW (1 x $1500)

Financial Aid Package


Value = $4k

  • Professional Review of Two Financial Documents (i.e. CSS Profile)
  • Financial Aid Video Tutorials:
    • Starting the Family Conversation
    • Subdividing Potential Colleges
    • Types of Financial Aid
    • All About Need Based Aid
    • Doing Your Calculations
  • Scholarship Video Tutorials: 
    • Your GPA and Scholarship Dollars
    • How To Reuse Your Essays for Scholarship Applications
    • How To Get More Cash For College
BUY NOW (1 x $800)

COLLEGE COUNSELING: Dream College Academy Junior Varsity Package


Value = $800

(recommended for 9th, 10th, 11th)

College Counseling Curriculum Includes:

  • Vision, Mind Set, Goal Setting
  • Academics: How Colleges Calculate YOUR Admissions GPA
  • Co-Curriculars: How to Beef Up Your Resume 
  • How To Find and Decide on a Major
  • Build a College List with Appropriate Reach, Target and Likely Schools


  • Copy of Dr. Colon’s Book: Tips, Tales & Truths for Teens 


BUY NOW ($400)

Frequently Asked Questions

“I was able to write so many essays and come up with ideas for other essays that I plan to write on my own. Because of the guidance this camp gave me I feel confident to go off and write essays about myself whenever I may need.”
Osose, Class of 2021