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If you're looking to do this on your own, but with EXPERT Guidance,

you've come to the right place.

"With Dream College Academy I found out who I am, discovered what I want to major in, and realized I DO have a "coolness" factor!”
~ Kenzie, Class of 2022

"With Dream College Academy, I finally figured out HOW to apply to college, HOW to share my story, and I was finally admitted to my dream college as a transfer student.”
~ Cosette, Class of 2021, Berkeley Class of 2023

"My daughter had big dreams since she was young. We found Dr. C when Janah was a sophomore and she joined Dream College Academy and later completed College Essay Bootcamp. Now, her dreams have come true.
~ Mother of Janah, Class of 2022, admitted to Princeton, Cornell, U Penn, UVA, Howard, Georgetown



Value = $5K

(recommended for 11th, 12th)

  • Personal Essay Coach 

  • 4-6 Drafted Topics

  • 2 Essays Completed. 

  • 1 Essay Professionally Edited   

  •  Packet of 70+ Sample Essays

  •  BONUS: College Counseling Curriculum Includes:

    • How Colleges Calculate YOUR Admissions GPA
    • How to Beef Up Your Resume 
    • How To Decide on a Major
    • How to Build a College List 
    • Teacher Recommendations: How & Who To Ask
BUY NOW ($1500)

COLLEGE COUNSELING: Dream College Academy Junior Varsity Package


Value = $800

(recommended for 9th, 10th, 11th)

College Counseling Curriculum Includes:

  • Vision, Mind Set, Goal Setting
  • Academics: How Colleges Calculate YOUR Admissions GPA
  • Co-Curriculars: How to Beef Up Your Resume 
  • How To Find and Decide on a Major
  • Build a College List with Appropriate Reach, Target and Likely Schools


  • Copy of Dr. Colon’s Book: Tips, Tales & Truths for Teens 


BUY NOW ($400)

“I was able to write so many essays and come up with ideas for other essays that I plan to write on my own. Because of the guidance this camp gave me I feel confident to go off and write essays about myself whenever I may need.”
Osose, Class of 2021